About Ekompakt

The goal of the project is to develop and test, in demonstrative scale, an innovative, compact module for producing electricity from biomass. All critical functions of the new product – the compact module for producing electricity from biomass – have been analytically and experimentally confirmed in a series of analytical and laboratory tests, the purpose of which was to confirm the theses formulated for the module in Polish and abroad research centers.

It is expected that, basing on the current experiences, an innovative, compact and autonomous module for converting biomass (particularly waste material) into electricity will be designed and tested in complex simulations, and then built. However, it is assumed that the total recuperable thermal energy will be utilized, without converting “waste into waste”.

A real module (prototype) will be comprehensively tested, as to achieve successive installation preparedness stages. After completing the tests, if the target technological level is confirmed, the installation will be applied in the anticipated target conditions. If positive results are achieved, the production of a world-new, innovative product – Ekompakt will be launched.

The yield of the installation will be up to 300 kg of feed/h, the output power will be 57 kW, and the fully utilized thermal power will be 120 kW. The new Ekompakt modular system will be an innovative system (its main process units are particularly innovative), characterized by approx. 25% higher electricity yields and better heat utilization.

Project goals

  1. 1Testing, in demonstrative scale, the new product – a compact module for producing electricity from biomass
  2. 2Development of research and development activity of CAD-MECH Sp. z o.o.
  3. 3Growing competitiveness of CAD-MECH on the market
  4. 4Broadening of the product offer of the company to include new, innovative products developed in result of R&D works
  5. 5Development of CAD-MECH

Benefits of the project

By implementing the project, the Applicant will market a world-new, innovative product, i.e. the Ekompakt module applying new, pro-energetic gasification and combustion processes, which will also allow it to limit the production of waste. The anticipated economic effects related to the marketing of the product will provide a significant return on investment within 5 years. The marketing of the product will create new workplaces and will stimulate such industries as the power industry, recycling and agriculture.

The project will also have beneficial effect on employment rates in CAD-MECH. It is expected that, thanks to the project, 3 new workplaces will be created. In addition, the commercialization of the new product will generate new workplaces in the new product installation sites, hence contributing to a growth in employment rates in the EEA area. Thanks to the project, CAD-MECH will take leading position on the market of installations for producing electricity from biomass.

Where does the idea for Ekompakt come from?

Due to the dynamic economic development in the world, we are witnessing growing market demand for installations producing electricity from renewable materials (such as biomass), in a manner that does not have any negative effects on the environment. Extensive research has been conducted in Poland and in the world, aiming at broadening knowledge of natural solid fuel and synthetic solids gasification processes. Known processes include: standard gasification technologies (process chemistry, the effect of particular parameters on its course), solid gasification product purification and stabilization technologies, gas purification methods, combustion catalysts for medium- and low-calorific gas gasification products, methods: measurement methods facilitating chemical processes, remote control and recording of the working parameters of installations, heat recovery from technological processes (e.g. ORC systems).

There are no technologies in the world, by which the gas and combustion gasses obtained would be conditioned in order to utilize their thermal energy in a safe manner. It is therefore necessary to implement this project, in order to develop a new module for producing electricity from biomass. Thanks to the project, a new product which meets the demand reported by the target group in full and fills the existing technological gap will be created. The Ekompakt module will be a complete novelty on the global market, and currently has not equivalents which would provide such high electricity yields while allowing for such vast installation modification options.